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Season 2020-21 Results

  •  Come and Try- No Results  Nov 21, 2020

Season 2019-20 Results
  • Week 1 Come and Try No Results (5Oct2019)
  • Week 12 - No Competition - No Results (18 Dec2019)
  • Week 18 Results (15 Feb2020)  Region Track and Field NO COMPETITION AT NEWPORT
Note : For week 19 some results are missing 
Season 2018-19 Results
  • Week 1 Come and Try No Results (6Oct2018)
  • Week 3 Washout No Results (21Oct2018)
  • Week 6 Relay Practice No Results (10Nov2018)
  • Week 8 Results Regional Relays No Results (17Nov2018)
  • Week 12 Results (12Dec2018) - No Results XMAS Breakup
  • Week 13 Results (15Dec2018) - No Results State Relays
  • Week 18 Results (16-17Feb2019) - No Results Regional Track and Field