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Please see the guide on Team App Resources / News item for full Relay information.

Relay age Groups

Relay age groups are open from U9 upwards.

Age group co-ordinators

Each relay age group requires an Age Group Co-ordinator. This role will involve taking athletes to call room on the day and helping the age group feel supported, so they have a great day.  Without an Age group Co-Ordinator there will be no team entered for that age group. You don't need to be an expert and there can be more than one to share the duties.

Key Dates

Regional Relay Carnival: Melton Sat 18 Nov (advise below if athlete avail AM and/or PM for team allocation)

State Relay Championship: Lakeside Stadium Sat 16 Dec - All day (note: if the age group progresses past regional selection)

All age group co-ordinators will have support from the External Event Committee as below:

Steven Frimston U9 and U10 

Peter Parks U11 and U12

Anne Rossi U13+

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