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Duty Roster

Williamstown Little Athletics Centre is powered entirely by volunteers, and we follow the ethos, “It takes a Village to raise an athlete”. Parents/carers agree to regularly assist with duties throughout the season, acknowledging that this is essential to run an efficient program. Parents acknowledge that if there are not enough parent volunteers, events may be modified or cancelled at the Event Co-ordinator’s discretion, and the BBQ/Canteen may not be able to operate.


Minimum duty requirements throughout the season for an athlete to be eligible for Centre Championships are:


 • 5 weekly duties

Please click the below links for each week's duty roster.  Note: you may need to long press the link and then click "Open Link"

Track and Field State Champs March 9-10


Please note that regular weekly helpers (Team Managers, Starters, Timing Assistance, Chief Officials and Data Entry) will not be required to do additional duties.


The Saturday competition duty roster can be found on TeamApp.



 Officiating rules​ guidelines



          Videos of Officiating duties                                     


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