Duty Roster

We us an online portal for parents to select duties throughout the season, allowing greater flexibility to select your own date and event. A minimum of 5 duties is required for your athlete to be eligible for Centre championship day.

Email notifications will be sent 2 days prior to your duty, you can swap or change your selection any time before the required duty. If duties are not filled then the event may not be able to proceed without additional help.

Parents can do duties for other families, although you need to ensure the correct athletes name is entered when registering.

On the day of the duty you still need to sign the attendance sheet for the duty to count. Duties undertaken at region and state events do not count towards the 5 required for athletes to be eligible for Centre championship.

The duty roster only needs to be completed by parents of athletes who compete in under 7 and above. If your only registered athlete is in the under 6 (on track) competition you do not need to register for a duty.

Click the link to register:

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