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Standardisation of Hand Times and Fully Automatic Times
All WLAC Record handheld times have now been standardised according to LAVic protocols:
Where uncertainty exists as to whether time has been HH or Electronic, original time has been left. 1995 has been used as cutoff for WLAC


A motion was approved at the Little Athletics Australia October 2013 Conference to consolidate ABP (Australian Best performances) and ABPe’s in order to tidy up Best Performances and create one system for documenting these. There were two sets of records being kept at the time – one for manual times (ABP) and one for Fully Automatic times (ABPe).

To align with this LAA rule change, LAVic has also changed the following Rule in relation to VBP’s.

Rule 260.2 (viii):

For hand time performances, the performance will be rounded to 0.1 seconds and then standardised to align to a fully automatic time as follows:

– Distances under 400m: + 0.24 seconds
– Distances of 400m or 4x100m relay: + 0.14 seconds
– Distances greater than 400m: No change
– A standardised time will be indicated with (S) or similar


Please see Drop Down box on Centre Records for all current records

  • Twilight Programs (20/1/21 and 27/1/21) to be confirmed

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