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Life Members

Over the history of the Williamstown Little Athletics Centre, there have been many people who have shown a great commitment of time and energy for the benefit of all children participating in Little Athletics.

The Centre acknowledges and thanks these people through the presentation of Life Membership and Distinguished Service Awards.

Life Members
1978       Jim Jamieson (Deceased)
1981       Marion Cochrane, Frank Cochrane (Deceased),

                Tim Lowden, Joyce Lowden (Deceased), Bill Humphries (Deceased)
1985       Elaine Sanderson
1987       Phil Gillan (Deceased)
1988       Frances Larson, Ken Schwartz (Deceased)
1992       Christine Crofton
1994       Kay Reay, Jeff Scoble
1995       Lorraine Amezquita

1996       Susan Silke, Julie Scoble
2001       Michael Shacklock
2008       Heather Shaw
2009       Majella Stone
2010       Terri Buttigieg
2011       Sharon Hancock

2015       Paul Lynch

2020       Phil Menzies
Distinguished Service Awards

1987       Jan Stewart, Alan Gittens
1988       Jennine Harrison
1999       Ted Hudson
2011       Geoff Boyce
2012       Chris Buttigieg-Clarke

2014       Gill Hardeman, Craig Hardeman, Lorraine Cockram

2015       John Gilbert, Samantha Cross

2020       Jon Robinson

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