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On Track Program for Under 6 Athletes

The On Track program is a modified version of athletics for Under 6 athletes that makes it easy for younger children to learn the skills of athletics in a fun and friendly environment. Children must be 5 years of age to participate.

The program is led by a qualified coach and allows children to spend time learning and practising the key skills of athletics through games, drills and activities. It gradually introduces them to the skills and events of athletics through a progressive “simple to complex” model.

Along with games and activities conducted in the On Track Program, Under 6 athletes will participate in events such as Long Jump, Shot Put, 50m, 70m and 100m.

Parents / Guardians generally stay with their child through the session, moving around the track to different events with them.

All help with the On Track Program is greatly appreciated – please see the Under 6 On Track Co-ordinator at the beginning of each day to offer your assistance.

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